Edward Dudin and Tatiana Marova.

Our exhibition is called "Gesher Maariv", that in translation from Hebrew: "the Bridge (newspaper) Vecherka". The exhibition is held in the house of the newspaper Maariv, one of the first two and the most popular Newspapers in Israel. Now this building is rented by artists, designers, jewelers,. it formed a center for the arts. Next to this building was the first in tel Aviv car viaduct MAARIV BRIDGE, which recently was demolished and in its place is now building a subway. In place of the old, beloved tel-avisame bridge build a new, modern types of high-speed connection.

It is very symbolic to hold an exhibition of two remarkable artists from Russia working in two different stylistic directions in the house, we can say, under the BRIDGE that became a symbol of Rising in the desert, tel Aviv and joins the old and new tel Aviv.

Our exhibition symbolizes a CULTURAL BRIDGE between RUSSIA and ISRAEL.

Edward Dudin, a guest of the Israel, Moscow artist, book designer and typographer. Under the impression of tel Aviv, Eduard wrote 2 months, in one breath, 38 paintings! All of his paintings, without exception, devoted to tel Aviv. In his abstract conceptual symbolism hidden delight, surprise, questions and answers that have arisen in the artist's soul, when he crossed the bridge from Russia to Israel and plunged into the mystery of Israel and the diversity of tel Aviv.
It is symbolic that Edward Dudin, typographer and book designer, wrote these works in the Studio of Dina Canbulat, which is located in the building of the newspaper Maariv, where he once created and typeset the newspaper.

Tatiana Marova lives in Israel, looking for their BRIDGES in his soul, a bridge between the traditions of Russia and Israel, the bridges with the people close in SPIRIT.
Work by Tatiana Mirovoi presented at the exhibition entitled "Adam and eve", envelop your botticellis the linearity, softness and fluidity of forms of the naked bodies, radiating the LOVE of heaven and earth. As if Tatiana is inspired by the Aphrodite.