... everything depends on yourself

"... everything depends on yourself,
on the sun with thousand rays inside yourself. All the rest is nothing.u

These fine words said once by Picasso about Matisse sound as especially idealistic and even naive in today ' Moscow   after " perestroyka

In fact the present Moscow artistic life just proves otherwise. In general that artist is successful here, who reasonably and calmly uses his good knowledge on " the actual style problems of XX century". Serious gallery researchers and art critics are of the opinion, that only problems of the postconceptual aesthetic space can be considered as noteworthy. Less serious critics concentrate their attention on the ocean of " the commercial art ", calmly stylizing and imitating everything, what was once the real Art: from old Dutch painters to folk popular prints and pop art. Temperament, energy, sincerity and individuality, if they still exist in the context of particularly " traditional " painting in oil don't simply find their admirers and connoisseurs. Evidently only by this it can be explained a surprising fact, that until the present time the creative work of Suren Mkrtchyan regularly about 10 years taking part in Moscow exhibitions, had not been reflected in our press. By the way, there is no doubt, that his art merits better lot. In his powerful, light - bearing painting not only Picasso sun with thousand rays blazes, but there are in it a deep psychological approach, spiritual completeness and dramatic effect. For ages of his ascetic, self- sacrific and pure life in art Suren had passed a long way from the decorative and ornamental style of his early works to the real monumentality and sublimity of these paintings as " Pilgrim , " The Waiting and others. The way is of interest by this, that it has been passed by him in difficult life conditions, in a strange town, almost in a complete loneliness without outside help.

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